Thursday, May 23, 2019
The SURFINZ NET-FIN Project  "NIBBLER" Mini Pivot Fin The "NIBBLER" Concept

The Oceans are polluted with hundreds of Tons of Discarded Fishing Nets 

Some are kilometers in length  that have been discarded by Fishing Trawlers or become snagged on underwater obstacles

As NYLON is the prime material used in Fishing Nets and Surfboard FINS, Surfinz has initiated a project to RE-USE these discarded nets for the manufacture of our NIBBLER Mini Pivot Fin.....






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Surfing is a history of continuous fin development seeking the best combination of SPEED and CONTROL

The addition of two small side bite fins to the traditional Single Center Fin improved long board stability.

The 50's modern short board ushered in the use of symmetrical multiple fins
Then the North Shore saw MR surfing big powerful waves on Twin fins

Not long after, the Quad appeared in the water only to be overshadowed by Simon Anderson's Thruster allowing true vertical surfing with a center fin, however with a trade-off in speed

The Quad remains the fastest fin combination and the "NIBBLER"Mini Pivot Fin enables the surfer to find their personal combination of SPEED and CONTROL



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